Information for authors

In order to submit a manuscript to the Journal, it is necessary to send the documents listed below.

The volume of the article offered to the publication should not exceed 15 pages of the typewritten text printed on a white paper (of the format A4) on one side of a sheet in two intervals (the size of a type is 14).   Manuscripts submitted to the Journal should be developed in the form of a single doc-file (Microsoft Word).

Into the volume of an article must be included:

  • UDC number;
  • author names and affiliations (in Russian and in English);
  • †title of the manuscript (in Russian and in English);
  • abstract (in Russian and in English);
  • keywords (in Russian and in English);
  • †text;
  • list of illustration captions;
  • figures;
  • tables;
  • bibliography

Some recommendations listed below for authors may be useful in the original preparation of their manuscripts.
UDC numbers should be given in the left corner of the first page. The formulas, letter designations, figures, signs and their disposition should be precise and distinctive. It is necessary to pay attention to clearness of mathematical signs and similar letters (capital and small ones, Latin and Greek alphabets).
The list of literature is made according to the order of the references in the text and is made out as follows:

  • for the book of the collections it is obligatory to point out a surname and initials of the authors, full title of the book (the collection), city, publishing house, the year and it is desirable a total number of pages;
  • for the journal articles it is obligatory to point out a surname and initials of the authors, a title of the article, a title of the journal, the year, a(tome) volume, its number and the numbers of pages;
  • if the number of the authors is more than four, then it is necessary to indicate the names of the first three authors with the following word: "ad. al.";
  • it is necessary to write the references to the foreign literature in the original language without any reductions.

† The authors are responsible for the contents of their paper and warrant that the paper is original, has not been previously published, and has not been simultaneously submitted elsewhere.

Send your articles at e-mail:

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