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†ISSN 1684-6435

The achievements and perspectives in the area of the investigation of the natural and technological dangers, their control and monitoring, defense of† the man and natural environment, the questions of the prevention of accidents, catastrophes and the liquidations of their consequences are covered in the journal.

The main subject directions:

- Scientific fundamentals of life safety
- Dangers of technical systems which are potentially dangerous
productions and technologies
-The impact of negative factors on human health and the environment
- Control and monitoring of the working environment and environment habitats
- Industrial safety and labor protection
- Ecological safety
- Emergency situations
- Information, legal and economic aspects of management health and safety
- Methods and means of protection, its habitat and professional activities
- Regional problems of safety of activity
- Informational, legal and economic aspects of management life safety

The journal published since January 2001 (the monthly production).

The journal has been recommended by Higher certification Commission of Russian Federation Education Ministry for publication of information from dissertations for degrees of candidate and doctor of engineering science. Publication is free for autors.

The Journal is delivered only at a subscription.
You can subscribe to the journal:

  • in any post offices by the catalog "Rospechat" , index 79963;
  • by the Integrated catalog, index 83776.

An aboard subscription is accepted by CJSC "MK-Periodika".

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