Contents of the new issue of the magazine "LIFE SAFETY"


Shkrabak R. V., Shkrabak V. S. Life Safety in Agricultural Production: Condition, Problems, Solutions


Levashov S. P., Smirnova N. K., Panteleeva V. D., Lizikhina I. A. Problems and Prospects for Increasing the Efficiency of Occupational Health and Safety Management Processes

Lozhkin V. N. Method of Control of the Level of Exposure of Carbon Monoxide on a Fire Man in Conditions of Extinguishing Burning Peatlands

Gavrikova E. I., Shkrabak V. S., Shkrabak R. V. Monitoring of Microbial Contamination and Disinfection of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

Khudyakova V. M., Matyusheva N. V., Smolinov E. S., Lizikhina I. A. Improving Working Conditions and Safety during Loading and Unloading in Agricultural Enterprises

Belova T. I., Shkrabak V. S., Savelyev A. P., Agashkov E. M. Problems of Assessing the Dispersed Composition of Dusts in the Air of the Working Area of Feed Mills

Romanov А. I., Bokatov A. Y., Bronnikova L. V. Morphism of Information Streams in the Labor Process


Sukhovskiy D. A., Shkrabak R. V., Smolinov E. S. European Union Policym for Climate Mitigation and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Yudaev I. V., Prokofiev P. V., Baev I. V., Davlyatshin R. K. Electric Impulse Weeder — Approaches and Design of the Power Safety System during its Operation

Grekhov P. I., Shkrabak V. S., Sapozhnikov S. V., Stepanchenko A. A. Ensuring Safety on the Roads of the Agro-Industrial Complex by Modifying Asphalt Concrete