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Nikolay Borisovich FILIMONOV born May 18, 1951; received the Diploma degree in automation and control processes from the Faculty of instrumentation of Bauman Moscow Technical University (Chair of automatic control systems) in 1978; Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) degree in systems theory, theory of automatic control, and system analysis in 1981 and Doctor of Sciences degree in system analysis, management and information processing in 2009.
At present time he is professor with the Faculty of Physics Lomonosov Moscow State University (Chair of physical-mathematical control problems), professor with the Faculty of Control Systems and Faculty of Computer Science and Control Systems of Bauman Moscow Technical University (Chair of Automatic Control Systems) and Chief Research Associate at Institute of Control Sciences V.A. Trapeznikov Academy of Sciences (Laboratory of Mathematical of research of optimum operated systems).
He is author more than 250 publications, including 77 journal papers and 5 books.
He is member of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research expert.
He is Editor in chief of journal «Mechatronics, Automation, Control», Associate Editors of journal «Information Technologies» and Editorial board «Software Engineering». He is a member of the International Program Committees of a number of conferences.
His research interests are in fields of engineering science:

· Automatic, information processing and control systems
· Intelligent systems and technologies
· Computer systems of manufacture automation
· Robotics, mechatronics and complex automation
· Information and measuring equipment and technology
· Information and communication systems
· Automatic an automated control systems of aircraft
· Transportation, marine and aerospace systems

E-mail: nbfilimonov@mail.ru
Mob. tel.: 8(916) 514-71-02