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Мехатроника, автоматизция, управление

ISSN 1684-6427

Abstracted and indexed scientific repositories and bibliographic systems:
Russian Science Citation Index (Web of Science), Inspec (EBSCOhost),
Science Index (Elibrary), VINITI RAN, CYBERLENINKA, CrossRef.


The mission of the Journal is to cover the current state, trends and prospectives of mechatronics development. Mechatronics today is the priority field in the technosphere as it combines mechanics, electronics, automatics and informatics in order to improve manufacturing processes and to develop new generations of equipment, including qualitatively new modules, systems, machines and machine systems with intelligent control of functional motion.
The Journal covers topical issues of development, creation, implementation and operation of mechatronic systems and technologies in such fields as machine tool industry, robotics, aerospace engineering, biomedical instrumentation and consumer devices.
The Journal also investigates problems surrounding the theory and practice of the automatic and automated management of technical objects and technological processes in the production sector, power economy and in transport.

The main topics of the Journal:

  • General issues in mechatronics
  • Kinematics and dynamics of mechatronic systems
  • Electronics of mechatronic systems
  • Sensing elements and mechatronic systems
  • Actuating elements and devices in mechatronic systems
  • Modules and components of mechatronic systems and technologies
  • Simulation of mechatronic systems and technologies
  • Control of mechatronic systems and automation of mechatronic technologies
  • IT solutions in mechatronic systems
  • Intellectualisation of mechatronic systems and technologies
  • Computer-aided design of mechatronic systems and technologies
  • Monitoring, diagnostics and trial run of mechatronic systems
  • Robotic systems
  • Flexible manufacturing and machining systems
  • Customized mechatronic systems and technologies
  • Application of mechatronic systems and technologies (know-how in creation, implementation and branch mechatronic systems and technologies operation: machine tools, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, household appliances, etc.)
  • Reliability, quality, standards and certification in mechatronics
  • Economic and social aspects of mechatronics
  • Training in the field of mechatronics.

Editor in chief - FILIMONOV, Nikolai B. Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor.

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107076, Moscow.

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